Army’s Shatrujeet Brigade conducts airborne exercise to validate rapid response capability

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This News has in fact came from ANI and Since independence has actually not Edited it.

, June 27 (ANI): The Shatrujeet Brigade of the Indian Army performed an airborne exercise to confirm the brigades fast action ability in the desert sector in Rajasthan.The workout hung on Saturday was preceded by a series of severe preparation consisting of joint preparation and integration in between the Army and the Indian Air Force (IAF).” The exercise needed para drop of paratroopers and fight heavy loads consisting of vehicle-mounted anti-tank and air defence rockets detachments over a designated target area from C-130 and AN 32 aircrafts,” the Army officials said.The workout validated 72 hours of extreme integrated fight drills involving mechanised forces showing clockwise precision and smooth integration between air-borne, mechanised, and Air Force.