BCI’s new rules prohibit lawyers from making mischievous, defamatory comments against any Judge, Court, Bar Council in public

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No Advocate or any Member of any State Bar Council or the Bar Council of India will undermine the self-respect or authority of the State Bar Council or Bar Council of India. The Violation of this above-mentioned clause (i) to (iii) of this standard procedure may amount to other wrongdoing under Section 35 of Advocates Act, 1961, and/ or violation of Section-V and/or V-A shall lead to suspension or elimination of subscription of such member from the Bar Council. The Bar Council of India may state such Advocates or any Member of Bar Council to be disqualified from objecting to the elections of any Bar Association or Bar Council for any period, depending on the gravity of the misbehavior,” it stated.According to the BCI, these Rules are introduced/added with a view to keep and improve the requirements of professional conduct and rules for supporters.

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