Chhattisgarh to provide Rs 6,000 per year to landless agriculture labourer families

Raipur (Chhattisgarh), July 29 (ANI): Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel announced financial aid of Rs 6,000 per year for landless agriculture labourer families of rural areas in the state.
This aid will be given under ‘Rajiv Gandhi Grahmeen Bhumiheen Krishi Mazdoor Nyay Yojna’. The move was announced during a discussion on the supplementary budget in the state Assembly today.
The scheme will be implemented from the financial year 2021-22 and provision of 200 crores has been included in the supplementary budget for this scheme. The first supplementary budget of 2485.59 crores was passed in assembly with a voice note.
The Chief Minister during the discussion stated that Chhattisgarh is a state of farmers and the state government has the resolve to bring “Nyay” to them. He attacked the Centre over sub-par procurement of rice from the state.
“Centre had given consent to take 60 lakhs metric tons rice, but only 24 lakhs metric tons rice has been taken from the state. We had to auction the remaining stock at a loss”, said Baghel.
Baghel highlighted that various government schemes had transformed the lives of people in small villages, streets, towns and mohallas. He said that Rajiv Gandhi Kisan Nyay Yojna and Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Bhumiheen Krishi Mazdoor Nyay Yojna had benefited lakhs of people.
He pointed out the success of loan waivers, irrigation tax waivers, Minimum Support Price (MSP) and procurement of forest produce to benefit tribal and forest-dependent people.
Bhupesh said: “We take pride in our Chhattisgarhi model of development. Our Chhattisgarhi model has brought a new ray of hope not only for the residents of Chhattisgarh but also for the people in other parts of the country living in conditions similar to ours. Every initiative of ours such as malaria-free Bastar, MNREGA, procurement of forest produce, procurement of agricultural produce, village and forest oriented innovations such as Narva, Garua, Ghurva, Bari or Godhan Nyay Yojna, campaign for malnutrition eradication, has brought hope to those people in the country who needed such a positive change since long”.
Additional provision of Rs 957 crores for expansion of healthcare facilities and prevention of third-wave of Covid-19 is also included in the budget.
Chief Minister added: “Lack of certain facilities posed tough challenges before us during the first and the second wave of COVID-19, hence our government aims to ensure availability of better health facilities in the entire state. This is the reason why our government has made a provision of Rs 957 crores in this supplementary budget for the Department of Health and Medical Education”.
For prevention of COVID-19 infection, a provision of Rs 304 crores has been made for medicines and other expenditures, Rs 215 crores have been provisioned for procurement of medical equipment. Keeping in mind the pandemic situation, a provision of Rs 376 crores has been made for the Emergency Response and Health System Preparedness Package.
Provision of Rs 520.80 crores for forest dwellers and Rs 695 crores for labourers is included as well.
Other things addressed in the budget include employment, road construction, tackling crime and school education. (ANI)

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