Ellen Burstyn to reprise her iconic role in new ‘Exorcist’ trilogy

Washington [US], July 27 (ANI): Veteran Hollywood actor Ellen Burstyn is set to reprise her Oscar-nominated role of Chris MacNeil in the upcoming reboot of ‘The Exorcist’.
In ‘The Exorcist’, which was released in 1973, Burstyn portrayed the role of a mother, whose 12-year-old daughter Regan gets possessed. According to People magazine, in the new film, Odom’s character will track down Chris after his child becomes possessed.
The outlet has also reported that three new movies in the ‘Exorcist’ universe will be made, which will all star Burstyn. Universal has plans to screen some of the films on Peacock, its new streaming service. The first of the films is expected to debut in movie theatres on October 13, 2023.
‘The Exorcist’ was a critical and commercial success and earned USD 441 million at the worldwide box office when it debuted in theatres 48 years ago.
The film was nominated for 10 Academy Awards and became the first horror film to ever be Oscar-nominated for Best Picture.
Burstyn nabbed an Oscar nomination alongside director William Friedkin, Jason Miller for Best Supporting Actor and Linda Blair for Best Supporting Actress. It even won for Best Screenplay and Best Sound.
The story of ‘The Exorcist’ centred on Chris hiring two Catholic priests to perform an exorcism on her daughter Regan (Blair).
Burstyn told a news outlet in February that she had seen the film for its 45th anniversary in Los Angeles.
Recalling an incident, she said, “It doesn’t scare me. You know what’s funny? I passed a group of people the other day and a man said, ‘Ellen Burstyn?’ I said, ‘How can you recognize me with this mask on?’ He said, ‘I’ve seen The Exorcist over 40 times. Your eyes are very familiar.’”
As per The Hollywood Reporter, ‘The Exorcist’ sequel is being penned by Peter Sattler and director Green. Jason Blum, David Robinson, James Robinson, Green, Danny McBride and Couper Samuelson will executive produce the project. (ANI)

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