Flood Devastation in China: 18 inches Rainfall in 24 Hours

Heavy rains have caused floods in China’s Henan province, killing 12 people. Around 2 lakh people have been shifted to safer places. The city of Zhengzhou in Henan province received a record 457.5 millimeters (18 inches) of rain in the 24 hours until 5 p.m. Tuesday. Due to this, the power went out in many parts of the city. Roads were submerged in water. The city is the largest production base for Apple iPhones in the world.

More than 160 trains have been stopped at Zhengzhou Railway Station. 260 flights to and from the city had to be canceled at the airport here. The services of more than 80 buses have been canceled due to the floods. More than 100 buses have been diverted. Subway services have also been temporarily suspended.

Several passengers were trapped in the train after water entered the subway tunnel

Rainwater ran into the city’s Line Five subway tunnel, trapping several passengers on a train. Police officials, fire brigade personnel, and other local sub-district personnel are engaged in rescue work on the spot. However, the water in the subway is slowly receding and passengers are safe.

Food supply interrupted due to flood

floods in china
Image Credit: Wall Street Journal

Henan factory can make 5 lakh iPhones a day. Local people call the city of Zhengzhou in this province as iPhone City. The company is monitoring the situation. Henan is also the second-largest food supplier province in China. In such a situation, the food supply has also been interrupted. About a quarter of the country’s wheat crop is grown here. It is also a major center for frozen food production. Coal and metals are also supplied from here.

President Xi Jinping described the floods as very serious

President Xi Jinping has described the floods as very serious. State media quoted Jinping as saying that some dams had broken. People have been injured. There has been a loss of life and property. The flood has made the situation serious. Jinping has asked the authorities to speed up relief and rescue work.

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Had to spend the night sleeping on the sofa in a restaurant: Flood victims

Restaurant manager Wang Guirong, 56, said that he had to spend the night sleeping on the sofa in the restaurant as there was no electricity in his house. People are facing a lot of problems due to floods. State Grid Zhengzhou Power Supply Company says the downtown substation has been closed due to rain.

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