Former Disney star Kyle Massey charged with felony for alleged immoral communication with minor

, June 30 (ANI): Former Disney star Kyle Massey, who starred as Cory Baxter in Thats So Raven and Cory in your house in the 2000s, is dealing with a felony charge in Washington state for communicating with a small for unethical purposes.According to People publication, Massey was taken legal action against by a 13-year-old girl in 2019 for supposedly sending out particular text images, videos and messages to her phone, though the case was in the future dismissed.The felony charge, sent in King County on June 14, comes from the very exact same accusations detailed in the 2019 lawsuit.The plaintiff alleged in the problem that she fulfilled Massey at Universal Studios when she was 4 years of ages and stayed in touch since she wished to pursue a profession in entertainment.She said that she reached out to Massey in November 2018 about auditioning for a function in a reboot of Cory in the House, and during subsequent conversations, he was notified that she was in 8th grade.Recent court filing advises that Massey supposedly sent her adult material, understanding she was small, in between December 2018 and January 2019. Days after the claim versus him was submitted in 2019, Massey rejected the claims. The match states the lady is taking legal action against Massey for at least USD 1.5 million.Massey, in a statement, through his attorney Lee A. Hutton said, “No kid needs to ever be exposed to sexually specific materials and I unquestionably and categorically reject any supposed misdeed.

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