Green India Challenge sets world record, plants 1 million saplings in an hour in Telangana

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The volunteers divided the entire region into 10 sectors where more than 30,000 Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) locals and members participated.Five lakh saplings were planted through Miyawaki model in the shabby forest place distributing over 200 acres in Durganagar of the Adilabad rural area. In a period of 60 minutes, 2 lakh plants in Adilabad Rural Bela mandal, 1,80,000 saplings in 45 homes in the metropolitan area were planted. All the program has actually been video tape-recorded based on the requirements and will be sent to Guinness Book World Records, for making it to the top,” mentioned the organisers.Green India Challenge founder and Rajya Sabha MP Joginipally Santosh Kumar, Telangana Forests, Environment and Science and Technology Minister Allola Indra Karan Reddy, a number of TRS MLAs and Forest Department authorities were present during the celebration.