Mashal Sports successfully conducts its 6th edition of Referee Excellence Programme

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” The REP (Referee Excellence Programme) was released in 2018, and it has in fact now effectively completed its 6th edition with 33 referees registering with the workshop carried out basically due to the continuous pandemic,” defined an official release. I feel a lot more confident now to remain in control of a game,” stated Kripashankar Sharma, the veteran referee who was likewise a specific in the workshop.Led by EP Rao, the Technical Director of Pro Kabaddi, the workshop covered a range of topics varying from the newest advancements in officiating to the use of technology to its optimal level.The program allows referees to dive deep into the lessons learnt throughout in previous seasons and managing tough match circumstances. On the penultimate day, and after a variety of daily drills, the referees were likewise examined on the elements they learned through the course of the programme.Given their mission to strengthen the sport of Kabaddi, the Referee Excellence Programme was yet another path-breaking move for Mashal Sports, introducing a brand-new duration of ability development that not simply accommodates the gamers but likewise reaches the custodians of the matches.

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