Pegasus Spying: Opposition Attacked Central Govt, Rahul to Owaisi Raised Questions

After the Pegasus software case came to the fore, the opposition is not at all satisfied with the clarification given by the government. AIMIM leader Asaduddin Owaisi has asked many questions to the government regarding the matter before the monsoon session which started today, while there have also been sharp attacks from the Congress side on the government.

Pegasus software is hacking, not tapping: Owaisi

Owaisi tweeted and asked the government that Pegasus software for phone hacking is hacking, not tapping. He said that hacking is a crime, whether it is done by any person or any government.

He told the government in two words that, the government must tell two things. First, did they use NSO spyware? Did the government cover the names mentioned in the news reports or not?

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Didn’t spare even the Supreme Court judge – Surya Pratap Singh

At the same time, Surya Pratap Singh has also targeted the government by tweeting on the Pegasus case.

He said that they were well caught in the trap of espionage – journalists, leaders of the opposition, even Supreme Court judges were not spared. He further questioned that why all these phone tappings was being done? What was the danger? Watched the voice.

We know what they are reading: Rahul Gandhi

On the one hand, former Congress President Rahul Gandhi has also taken a direct jibe at the government by tweeting on the matter. He said that “we know what they are reading on our phones”.

There was a business of espionage even when Congress was there – Srinivas Biwi

At the same time, Congress leader Srinivas Biwi also tweeted on the matter and said, even when Congress was there, espionage was their business. Even today when it is not there, there is a business of espionage. When will this improve?

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