SC refuses to entertain plea seeking SIT probe into corpses floating in Ganga in UP, Bihar

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We can not entertain this petition under 32,” the bench said.The Public Interest Litigation (PIL) filed by Yadav looked for instructions to make up a SIT directing the respondent authorities to bring out a post-mortem of the dead bodies which were discovered drifting in the river Ganga at district Baxur, Ghazipur and Unnao respectively.The petitioner-cum-lawyer, Yadav, stated that the healing of these broken down dead remains from the river Ganga raises severe concern as the water of river functions as a source of water for lots of areas and if the bodies were infected by COVID 19, then it may spread out amongst the towns in both the States since of contaminated water. The act of the States is inhuman as the States have really stopped working to offer centers for decent burial or cremation of dead bodies and have likewise failed to keep a check that the holy river, Ganga ought to not have actually been polluted by such an inhumane and indecent act either of specific or of States itself,” the petition said.The Top Court in Parmanand Katara, (an advocate) versus the Union of India (UOI) case, had actually held that the right to dignity and reasonable treatment under Article 21 of the Constitution of India is not simply easily available to a man during his life however also to his body after his death, the petition said.The present case, where around 100 dead bodies were discovered in river Ganga might be a case, where people unlawfully dealing with organ hair transplant have really extremely killed these individuals after eliminating their internal organs and afterwards in the name of COVID they have really discarded the dead bodies in the river after covering them in plastic bags, the petition claimed.The states have really failed to keep a look at its crematoriums in which nowadays there is a big hike in the rates for cremating a dead body, according to the rituals as people handling the crematoriums have actually taken the deaths as a chance to make huge profits and the States have actually stopped working to repair any cost for cremating dead bodies, the petition said.The governments of both the states i.e., Bihar and Uttar Pradesh are running away from the responsibility and rather of finding out as to how dead bodies are gotten rid of into the holy river Ganga, a blame video game has actually started in between both States, the petition claimed.Out of 100 human dead bodies were found drifting in the river Ganga, 71 bodies have actually been fished out at Mahadev Ghat, Chausa, Buxar district, Bihar and above that, to the details of the petitioner more than 30 bodies were found in Ghazipur district, Uttar Pradesh, the petition said.Even no post-mortem was carried out. The Administration in order to conceal/ save their face from the duty of such inhuman act has in fact prepared inaccurate verbatim Post mortem without in fact doing the Post Mortem of dead bodies,” the petition claimed.

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