Vaccination in Delhi: Vaccine Vial will open only in the Presence of 11 People

In order to save the vaccine from wastage in the capital of the country, the government has implemented new orders. Under this, until 11 people are not present at the vaccination center, they have categorically refused to open the vaccine vial. In a directive sent to the heads of all vaccination centers, the Delhi government has said that these instructions have to be strictly followed to prevent the wastage of vaccine doses.

Vaccine vial opened until 11 beneficiaries

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However, the government has sent these instructions to the WhatsApp group made up of district-wise vaccination center heads. In which it has been said that till now more than 19 thousand vaccine doses have been wasted in Delhi. The instruction reads that according to the manufacturers all vaccine vials contain 11 doses. So far 19000 doses have been wasted in Delhi. All physician-in-charges should ensure that all vials show 11 doses and that all immunizers should be trained accordingly. The vaccine vial should be opened until 11 beneficiaries are present at the center or if they are likely to be present in the next 4 hours.

Vial of both Covishield and Covaxin

The government has also said that special precautions should be taken in the last 2 hours where maximum wastage is being faced. The target is to bring Delhi wastage to zero in the next 19,000 vials. The government has warned that there is no scope for any laxity in following these instructions. District-wise review in this regard will be done every day and its report will also be sent to the Chief Minister’s Office.

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Confirming this matter, a senior health department official said that an additional dose can be taken out from the vial of both Covishield and Covaxin. But it needs a lot of attention because of the temperature, fewer people, and four to six hours. It is necessary to follow the parameters like fixed time off he said that these instructions have been given to prevent wastage of vaccine doses.

Wrong to remove an extra dose from each vial

The official did not say anything about the letter from the Pune-based Serum Institute of India (SII). In which the company has clearly stated that if the government insists on extracting additional doses from each vial. Then it will lead to people getting the vaccine in less quantity. Fears may increase. Serum Company has informed that one of their vials contains a 6 ml vaccine. It is necessary to give a 0.5 ml vaccine to a person. Since a small drop remains in the vial, its lid, syringe, etc. It is not necessary that an additional dose can be removed from each vial.

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